By Laura Letinsky
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By Katsushika Hokusai 
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may your day be filled with soft, serene light

despite the rain clouds or drops falling from the wicked old sky.

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gaining inspiration feels much like falling in love with someone for the first time

it is graceful, the way it fills you up

like a kettle full of creative, aesthetically astounding fluid

that then pours

into your porcelain teacup frame

and the steam

rises, gently, warmly

the artist’s heart is never at peace with her mind

until forces of inspiration surround her,

enrapturing the spirit which is so often compelled to express.


Regimental Bruise Bloom

too awesome
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Zhu Daoping
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new nest ~ #minimalism 
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~   Friedrich Nietzsche - Human, All Too Human (via longandlanky)
on the ride over to my college
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how I love still water
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realizing that although I am not where I imagined myself to be, down in Savannah, Georgia, beginning the first four years of my college journey,

I am right where I am supposed to be, here, spending a few days at gram’s cabin until I move into my dorm out at Colorado Mountain College, where I’ll spend these next two years studying photography. “all that’s meant to be will find its way,” gram reassures me. (at New Castle, Colorado)
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~   Walt Whitman (via womanbythesea)
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~   Paul Guest, closing lines to “Small Wonder,” from The Resurrection of the Body and the Ruin of the World (New Issues, 2003)
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